Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops

Vinyasa Workshops

Goddess Workshop: Saraswati with Ciara Brewer

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of creative flow. She is the goddess of language, music, and wisdom. Her blessings are called upon during new beginnings, by wisdom-seekers, by those looking to tap into their gift of expression and communication. Her shadow aspects include negative self talk, rumors, propaganda, and a lack of clarity between truth and falsehood.

The workshop will focus on connecting with your inner Saraswati and exploring what parts of her energy you would like to call upon or release. Our movement and pranayama practice will focus on balancing the throat chakra, clearing the path for meditation on the Saraswati shakti. At the end of practice, we will have an open circle to ask questions, share insights, and bask in the glow of our fellow goddesses. 

Goddess Workshop: Durga with Ciara Brewer

Hatha Workshops

Yoga for the Immune System with Valerie Barber

Yoga for Healthcare Professionals with Valerie Barber

Kundalini Workshops

Numerology Workshop


Reclaim the Body Temple

Trauma Informed Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Elizabeth Kipp

When someone gets traumatized, the brain is affected and changes accordingly. It becomes less ordered and more chaotic. We need to bring modalities that aid the brain to heal from these changes.

If the trauma occurs in childhood, the fear center in the brain, the amygdala, is more easily triggered than someone who does not experience trauma. So, people today experience stress differently depending on what occurred in their childhood. We respond not only to the facts of current circumstances, but we also respond subjectively with respect to the degree of fear each of us as individuals has been living in fear our whole life.
The fear response is mediated through a part of the nervous system called The Vagus Nerve. “Vagus” means wanderer… and the Vagus Nerve Complex wanders throughout the body. In trauma, the Vagus Nerve becomes dysregulated and results in hypervigilance and a number of other responses that over the long term have a detrimental effect on our health. (PTSD).

Targeted yoga practices have been found to help tone the Vagus Nerve and help bring the nervous system back into balance.


I am offering a virtual 3-hour workshop that will teach you how to access and stimulate the Vagus Nerve in such a way that it helps bring stability into your life. This class is based in Trauma-Informed Kundalini Style Yoga. The class is for beginning and advanced yoga students as well as yoga teachers wanting to learn an effective yogic approach to addressing trauma via the Vagal Nerve Complex.

This workshop is designed to utilize these components of the practice of yoga as they relate to helping the individual clear discordant and chaotic energies in the brain and nervous system associated with the experience of trauma:
· Breath
· Speech
· Sound
· Movement
so that we create, embody, and ground ourselves to move with confidence and stability in life.

This will be a three-hour workshop which will include the following:
· Information on how trauma lives in the nervous system via the Vagus Nerve Complex when not resolved
· A review of the Vagus Nerve Complex – both parts and a summary of the function of each of the two main parts
· Outline of the Vagus Nerve Complex
· What each of the regions in the Vagus Nerve Complex do and which yoga practice applies to each region
· Special considerations when teaching a trauma-informed Kundalini Yoga class
· Yoga movement sequences (kriyas), meditations, and focused mantra chanting to selectively target and tone the Vagus Nerve

These are simple, yet profound processes to help you release the pressure of life you feel built up inside you. They can shift and uplift your energy, heal past pains, dissolve self-destructive negative thought patterns, and help you find peace.

Some of the benefits to the participants:
· Calm the nervous system
· Create an increased sense of safety in the body, mind, and spirit
· Experiencing and learning to watch thoughts instead of being defined and ruled by them
· Improved sleep
· Better social engagement
· Ease social anxiety

Created October 10, 2020

Journey to Your Inner Sun

Immune-Boosting Yoga with Ancestral Clearing with Elizabeth Kipp

The body’s first defense against disease is the immune system. From the yogic perspective, conscious breath work or pranayama is foundational to good health. These practices bring energy to your immune system to fight infection. They are very healing exercises. Learn how to keep your immune system healthy.

Further, I will offer Ancestral Clearing around the burden we can carry around health issues within your past and your lineage. While we do not “treat” anyone in the Ancestral Clearing process, the process can support and complement the work of health care practitioners.

Release Your Burdens and Walk Your Prosperity Path

A Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Elizabeth Kipp

True prosperity blooms when our own being comes into a state of flowering. Each of us has something unique to share. When we walk the path of our soul’s calling, this is prosperity.

We cannot walk a path of prosperity when we are carrying the burdens of the past. 

There are many different kriyas and meditations to activate the human capacity to expand, and to develop prosperity consciousness. Expansion and prosperity are connected with the destiny of the soul. 

The class will discuss and practice ways to balance and align one’s personal power to clear the way to a prosperous life. We will doing:

The Sobagh Kriya: Invoking the Wealth of the Universe – the most powerful kriya in all of Kundalini Yoga