Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Descriptions

Breathwork for the New Year
Workshop Series
with Shenee

Sun, Jan 17 and Sun, Jan 31st   3-5pm


 Breathwork for the New year

Join Shenee Alexa for a powerful Inspiration Activation Breathwork Journey as we set intentions & call in our manifestations for the next year.
This workshop will include an explanation of breathwork, gentle movement, guided journaling, a 40min connected breathing practice & time for sharing if you choose.
Breathwork is a powerful tool for readjusting the lens through which you are experiencing your life and bringing you back into alignment with your truest self.
This dynamic active meditation will energize your entire being, opening your receptivity to all of the abundance & joy that the universe has available for you.
Each inhalation, each present moment, has the potential to bring in divine influence, guidance or wisdom & flow state.
When we connect with our higher states such as creativity and gratitude, we are fulfilling our true nature as human beings and will easily move towards beautiful ways of living, regenerate design and natural states of appreciation.
Participants often report experiencing an energetic rebirthing that leaves them with less anxiety, more clarity, better sleep and feeling more in touch with their true purpose.

Please prepare a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Consider putting curious pets into another room.
You will need:
✨ your water bottle
✨ journal & writing utensil
✨ blanket, pillow for under the knees, or other props to lay comfortably on your back for an hour

Headphones or the use of an external speaker is recommended, as the music will be a very important aspect of your experience & your computer/phone volume may not provide an optimal experience.
For the active breathing portion of the workshop, it will be ideal to set up your video so that Shenee can see your torso while you are laying down. This is especially recommended for those new to breathwork, but you are also welcome to remain private with your video off if that feels more comfortable.
You might wish to use high quality essential oils that help facilitate the opening of the breath, or an eye covering to help facilitate your inward journey.
You are invited to make this your personal ceremony. You may choose to create an altar of special items to serve as an area of grounding or prayer at anytime during the session if that resonates with you

2 Part Vision Board Workshop

Part 1 – New Moon 1/12 6:30pm & 

Part 2 – Full Moon 1/28 6:30pm


This workshop is designed to help you begin the process of creating your

DREAM FUTURE LIFE, a life without limits. This will be motivating, empowering, and fun!

Part One:
New Moon
Tues 1/12

Ashaleah will guide us through a mediation to envision our intentions for the year to come. Lindsay will then guide us through the beginning stages of boards and we will spend time cutting and putting together our vision boards and connecting with one another.


Part Two:
Full Moon
Thurs 1/28

Ashaleah will guide us through a mediation to release anything standing in the way of our intentions so we can create the space to receive our blessings. We will finish up our vision boards and then spend time sharing our visions with one another so we can all envision our intentions together.


A vision board is a inspirational collage created from pictures. It’s a pictorial representation of your vision—and a powerful way to make your dreams more tangible and attainable. The very act of creating a vision board tells your mind what’s important. You’re teaching your mind what you want to focus on in your life. A vision board can be used to help set goals for the year ahead. It could also focus on a specific area like career, business, home life, spiritual growth, well-being or relationships.

Get inspired and turn your resolutions into reality with your very own vision board that helps you SEE the best possible you! Join Lindsay Mooney in crafting a visual mission statement that will help you intentionally move toward who you want to be!

For this workshop you will need to bring the following items:

• poster board
• picture of yourself printed out (5×7)
• glue/tape
• scissors
• magazines and print outs
• stickers and or scrapbooking materials
• markers

Feel free to bring anything not listed that your creative heart desires to put on your vision board.

Woman in Flow:
Discover the Power
of your Menstrual Cycle

Saturday, January 16th – 1-2:30pm CST

Q & A Women’s Circle: Discover the Power of your Menstrual Cycle

Come join in this open conversation and learn how the energy of your cycle can help you feel better in your body, feel more connected with yourself and create more intimacy in your relationships.
This circle is for you if you are a woman who menstruates, you have PMS and you struggle to get through it with compassion for yourself, or taking your feelings out on others, and you want to know how you can better take care of yourself during your period.
Lena Dolter is a Women’s Coach and Energy Healer on a mission to help you regain your connection to your innate feminine wisdom and wake up to your POWER, so that you can live a life that is aligned with your unique energy! Once you align with your own cyclical nature, everything in your life changes for the better – work life, love life, food life, exercise life – it ALL gets better.
I invite you to gather and join us for a Q&A style circle where Lena will share with you how she discovered the power of her period and briefly discuss:
1. Why connecting with your inner rhythm, aka, your menstrual cycle, is important for overall balance and flow in your life
2. How tuning into your cycle rhythm will enhance your intuition so you can stop looking outside yourself for validation
3. What your cycle IS – it’s not JUST your period or PMS
Time and place –
Cost – Donation- based (suggested minimum donation $10, 

ALL proceeds benefit the St. Louis Period Alliance
RSVP by 1/13

*Lena is an energetic healer and mentor, she is NOT a hormone coach.

Intro to Astrocartopgraphy
with Adriana

Saturday, January 23rd – 1-2:30pm CST

What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is the astrology of place. In astrology, everyone has a birth chart from the moment they were born. Astrocartography is a map of the world with planetary lines made by where the planets were aligned when you were born!

It is is a very useful tool because you can design your life based off of locality, especially since one place may be more beneficial to live in than another. If you want to start a business, find a deep, meaningful relationship, figure out the best place to raise your family or retire, there is an ideal location for that! If you can’t travel or relocate, I teach you how to use a certain location’s energy to bring it into your home/ life.

This is a 9 week long course with the first week being an introductory class and the following 8 classes will be for each planet (minus earth, of course)!

Come learn more about your place of birth and your map. Figure out why you’re more drawn to certain places (lessons) and why you felt so good in Amsterdam but felt like **** in Detroit, for example. It will blow your mind when you learn how to read you and your friends’ maps!

Mindstitching Workshop
with Kayci

Sunday January 24th – 2-4pm