Sound Healing

Upcoming Sound Healing Events

Full Moon Gong Baths

Come replenish yourself during this potent phase of the lunar cycle. We will perform a meditation specifically suggested for the Full Moon intended to raise our awareness. We will then relax completely on our backs for an hour-long Gong Meditation. This will reset your Glandular System which is under extra pressure during the time of the Full Moon.

New Moon Gong Baths

With the New Moon comes a time of cleansing, clearing, and renewal. It is a time to set aside the old and bring in the new. It is a time for planting our seeds of intention for the next lunar cycle and harnessing the growth of the moon to aid in manifesting those seeds to bloom and flourish. we will perform a meditation for Prosperity, and then relax for an hour-long Gong Bath. The powerful vibrations of the Gong will cleanse the subconscious and leave you feeling lightened and enlightened.