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Inspiration Activation Breathwork with Shenee Alexa
Sunday, 3:00pm CST

Join Shenee Alexa for a powerful Inspiration Activation experience to re-align you with your intrinsic Self: that part of you that knows your worth, your potential & your purpose. The part of you that is ready to step into your ideal life perspective; the life you’ve been dreaming of all along.

When you are inspired the breath becomes full & expansive, creating activation in the heart which moves the body. Are you moving through your day taking inspired actions?

During this two hour immersive workshop we will explore many integrative techniques including movement, mindfulness, journaling, intention setting, breathwork & sound.

This workshop will cater to beginners as well as offer a powerful practice for those more experienced. We will be covering an explanation of the technique, the benefits, and what makes Inspiration Activation Breathwork different from other similar practices. There will be time for sharing & asking questions if you chose.

Spaces are limited & have sold-out in the past! 

If you are feeling a “YES!” please commit to registering in advance. 



If you are unable to attend during the live workshop, please let us know. You may request a recorded replay to practice in your own time. *please note: replay is not available for new students.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to best prepare to get the most out of your experience.

See you there! 🙌

About Shenee

Favorite Part of Yoga

Favorite Chakra
Sacral/ Root.. they have revealed the most lessons (survival / adrenals)

Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Rising, Sagittarius Moon

Human Design
Projector with Splenic Authority

Favorite Earthly Pleasures
Favorite pleasures? All the Earthly ones! hah! Gardening, Hiking, Cuddling my dog

Reading, writing, self-study, breathwork, humans, permaculture

What are you currently creating?
Virtual breathwork community; travel & financial freedom

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