Sammy Jo

Herbal Communion

Community Offerings

Fun Facts

Favorite Part of Yoga

Favorite Chakra
Vishuddha (Throat)

Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Pisces Moon

Favorite Earthly Pleasures
Too hard to choose! The citrus flavor of sorrel flowers and leaves…. or the ethereal feeling of discovering a wild patch of monotropa… or the spicy smell of monarda blossoms… Or the feeling of a sensitive briar leaf responding to your touch

Wildcrafting, harm reduction, SOT (sacro-occipital technique), mindful parenting, death doula and green funerals, yoga, red tent movements, gardening, Hiking, kayaking, woodcarving, geode and mushroom hunting, creek stomping, radical self love

What are you currently creating?
I am in school for a doctorate in chiropractic and am manifesting ways that this training will help me provide mobile wellness opportunities in our local community and in east St. Louis. I am a harm reductionist and am working to ultimately create a nonprofit community garden for opiate users to withdraw and detox with botanical based support.

Other Info

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