A Tone Meant For You

A Tone Meant For You: To Tap Into Your Own Tone!

In any tumultuous time, it may be a challenge to hear your own voice. Fear, doubt, anxiousness may be present.  Your voice may be clouded with lots of noise: media, neighbors, family, friends, even your own thoughts.  It can get quite busy in there!

These vocal toning exercises are to free yourself from those voices that affect your energy.  Allowing you to tune back into your Divinity, your true nature.

Included in this series is a vocal practice for each of the following areas:

* Mental Clarity

* Releasing Sounds

* Health & Vitality

* Safety and Calm

* Focus & Strength

Short demonstration videos and a pamphlet explaining each exercise is included in this course.  Move from the analytical mind and follow your own intuition. Feel what you and your body is needing.  They are here for you to connect to your voice, feel great in your body and to experience more joy, laughter and play.

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