Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine Workshop


Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine is a class that will cover the entire spectrum of Naturopathic Medicine with a heavy emphasis on modalities. Many Americans employ the use of supplements in our daily lives. Food, botanical medicine, supplementation, mind-body medicine will all be structured to help the attendees gain a deeper level of insight into the use of Naturopathy in their everyday lives. This class will be taught by Naturopathic Doctor, Asia Muhammad.

Naturopathic Approach to Liver Health 

Naturopathic Approach to Liver Health is a course designed to educate on the use of Naturopathic Modalities for common liver concerns. This course will cover the basics of liver function, liver health in disease, common liver diseases, and the use of naturopathic modalities such as botanical medicine, nutrients, supplements, and more for these conditions! This will be an evidence-based and clinical-experience based class taught by Naturopathic Doctor, Asia Muhammad. Attendees will be able to discern common foods, botanicals, and supplement helpful for targeting specific liver ailments.