Lindsay Mooney

Lindsay Mooney
Hatha ~ Kids Yoga ~ Workshops

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30 Min Hatha Yoga (Guided Prenatal) ~ Sundays 10:15am CST
2 Part Vision Board Workshop with Lindsay and Ashaleah ~ Tue 1/12 & Thu 1/26 - 6:30pm CST

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30 Minute Classes

30 Minute Yoga with Lindsay - 2
30 Minute Yoga with Lindsay - 3

60 Minute Classes

Power Hatha with Lindsay - 1
Power Hatha with Lindsay - 2
Power Hatha with Lindsay - 3
Power Hatha with Lindsay - 4

About Lindsay

Favorite Part of Yoga
Physical Asana

Favorite Chakra

Human Design
Projector with Splenic Authority

Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Rising, Gemini Moon

Favorite Earthly Pleasures
Yoga, Eating, Music, Traveling, Smoking Weed

Yoga, Cooking/Baking, Connecting with others, Hiking

What are you currently creating?
Creating unique yoga experiences for adults + children

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