Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Class Schedule 2019

In this Age of Information and Technology, life is happening FAST. In order to Keep Up with the times, we have to develop our Nervous System and our Glandular System to handle this onslaught of stress and information.

Kundalini Yoga is a highly developed technology that uses Mudra, Mantra, Breathing, and Eye Focus to work directly on these important systems of the body with precision and focus in order to obtain fast results. This is a practice that will give you the tools to keep up in these fast-paced times. Tools that you can take outside of the classroom and use in your daily life.

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic practice, and even though it is active, it will leave you feeling energized in a different way than other forms of exercise. There is also meditation and moments of stillness. It is for this reason, Kundalini Yoga is also considered a spiritual practice. Kundalini Yoga provides relief to many of the systems of the body and in that balance, we are more able to sense the subtleties of energy around and within. In these subtle moments, we are able to connect with our Sou – our inner guide.

This class will include a Gong Bath Savasana. The Gong is an ancient instrument of healing used throughout Kundalini Yoga practices for its ability to effectively heal and renew the body. It also cleanses the subconscious leaving you lightened.

Kundalini Yoga can be practiced by anyone! No matter your age, body type, or level of flexibility, anyone can benefit from a Kundalini Yoga Class.

If this sounds interesting to you, come give it a try!

You can wear White Clothing to enhance the Kundalini Yoga Experience but it is not required.