Jennifer Rogers

Jennifer Rogers

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Gemstone Energy Series ~ Mondays, 11-11:30am CST
Kids Reiki ~ Sat (1/16, 1/30, 2/13) 10-10:45am CST

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About Jennifer

Favorite Part of Yoga

Favorite Chakra
Hrit Padma

Human Design
Manifesting Generator

Sagittarius Sun, Leo Rising, Sagittarius Moon

Favorite Earthly Pleasures
Spending time with my loved ones, gardening, collecting gemstones, reading books, traveling, communicating with my spirit to assist others on their Spiritual journeys

Energy healing, enjoying time with my children exploring nature, Studying Eastern philosophies and religious practices, herbal medicine, making gemstone jewelry, gardening, travel, creating art

What are you currently creating?
Peace, love, light and unity with all

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