Goddess Workshops with Ciara

Goddess Workshops

Goddess Workshop: Saraswati with Ciara Brewer

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of creative flow. She is the goddess of language, music, and wisdom. Her blessings are called upon during new beginnings, by wisdom-seekers, by those looking to tap into their gift of expression and communication. Her shadow aspects include negative self talk, rumors, propaganda, and a lack of clarity between truth and falsehood.

The workshop will focus on connecting with your inner Saraswati and exploring what parts of her energy you would like to call upon or release. Our movement and pranayama practice will focus on balancing the throat chakra, clearing the path for meditation on the Saraswati shakti. At the end of practice, we will have an open circle to ask questions, share insights, and bask in the glow of our fellow goddesses. 

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