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Fun Facts

Favorite Part of Yoga

Favorite Chakra

Human Design
Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority

Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising, Pisces Moon

Favorite Earthly Pleasures
The feeling I get when I look at the night sky, eating good food, Cannabis, Essential Oils, My Plants, Learning Lessons, Getting in the car in hot days and letting the heat envelope you, Going on Drives, Beautiful Views, Hiking and Sweating, Being near the Water, People Watching, Music, Dancing at a Phish concert with my hair down, Days when it feels like there is no temperature and all you feel is yourself, Lavender, My 3 Boys (7,7,5)

The 10 Bodies of Consciousness, Numerology, Music, Learning, Sound, Vibration, Teaching, Awareness, Deep Conversations, Sustainability, Patterns, Traveling, New Experiences

What are you currently creating?
A place for people to feel a sense of Community, no matter where they are. A place for people seeking topics related to consciousness and spirituality. A place for people to comfortably try new things and have new experiences they may not have otherwise had. A successful and sustainable business that provides value and growth. A life of harmony and love. The best version of myself constantly.

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