Danielle Pepin

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Gentle Yoga - Fridays, 4:30-5:30pm CST

About Danielle

Favorite Part of Yoga
Integrating themes via meditation, pranayama, and asana

Favorite Chakra
Throat (Vishuddha), life is all about communication and the world is in constant change so we must adapt while still communicating our truth and being sensitive to the needs of all beings

Gemini Sun, Scorpio Rising, Libra Moon

Human Design
Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority

Favorite Earthly Pleasures
Breathing and moving; the feeling you get when your lungs fill up and it is so satisfying and the day is perfect and you’re alone with the universe; listening to music; eating my kitchen creations; so many other beautiful things

Yoga practice and teaching; baking and cooking; gardening; writing; connecting with all beings; connecting with nature, even if it is only in the backyard; so much more

What are you currently creating?
Yoga classes integrating meditation, pranayama and asana; peace, calm and wholeness

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