Support Circle Descriptions

Support Circles

Loving without Enabling
Support Circle

1st Sundays at 6pm

Upcoming Dates: Dec 6, Jan 4, Feb 7

Join us in this support circle specifically created for folx who are impacted by a loved one’s chaotic relationship with substances. Let’s talk about harm reduction and how it applies to us, and to those we care for. They say the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection… So how can we safely and effectively be those tendrils of connection in our community?

SJ will share practical tools from her personal and professional experiences for navigating the tough and rewarding dynamics of this role.

Spiritual Awakening
Support Circle

2nd Saturdays at 4pm

Upcoming Dates: Dec 19, Jan 9, Feb 13

A spiritual awakening experience can often be disorienting and scary. It is not understood by the mainstream community so oftentimes one can feel lonely and isolated throughout their awakening. ⁠

Join Zack Alexander and others in the community going through similar experiences and find connection and support during this phase of your journey

Grief Circle

3rd Wednesdays at 6pm

Upcoming Dates: Dec 16, Jan 20, Feb 17

Join Rebecca Feltman in a sacred grief circle hosted by Divine Wellness Community where we can hold space for each other while navigating loss of any type. This can be loss of a loved one or an experiential grief (loss of identity, a dream, a relationship, a sense of safety, and more). Any experience that is causing a sense of profound loss in your life is welcome to be explored in a safe and non-comparative environment where you will be met with love and compassion for wherever you are on your journey.

Dream Interpretation

3rd Thursdays at 7:30pm

Upcoming Dates: Dec 17, Jan 21, Feb 18

Our dreams are one of the most direct ways that the Universe speaks to us. What are YOURS saying?

This language of symbol and archetype is one that has intrigued and fascinated cultures, over the ages. From the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to Freud and Jung, and beyond, we all wake up wondering: what on earth did THAT mean??
The things that show up can often seem confusing or strange, but the language of the DreamTime is usually far more straightforward than we realize.
Bring your dreams, and let’s bring them to life!
Feel free to email them ahead of time, too:


Mama's Circle

1st Tuesday of the Month

Womxn's Circle

2nd Monday of the Month

Men's Circle

2nd Wednesday of the Month