Become a Co-Creator

Interested In Becoming A Co-Creator?

What we Provide:

  • We create your Facebook events
  • We add your classes to MindBody
  • We handle sign-in and registration and field questions
  • We create a Co-Creator page for you that allows you to promote your other offerings
  • We email clients the link prior to class for you.
  • We edit each video (trim beginning and ending. For other edits, let us know).
  • We upload your videos to your DWC Page for rental and purchase
  • Options to record classes or offer live within community.
  • We create marketing supplies for you and help you promote your classes


What we Expect:

  • A nice well-lit space to record your classes, free of clutter
  • Potentially investing in a microphone if necessary
  • Only using royalty-free music


Payment Info:


Whether its a workshop, class, or recording, the split for Co-Creators is 70/30.


Co-Creators are paid at the end of the month through Venmo.  (Must have a completed W-9 and Venmo account before 1st payment.)


Each Co-Creator owns their own content and after 6 months, creators can choose to remove their content or keep it up to continue to be rented and sold at a rate of 89/11.


Students are encouraged to purchase monthly membership for $55 (all live classes and replays for 60 days except workshops) or $88 (all live classes workshops and replays for 60 days)


If a Co-Creator refers a student to purchase a membership, they receive 11% of that membership as a bonus each month as long as they are a Co-Creator in DWC.


Marketing bonuses are given at the end of the month so thank you for helping us promote the community and grow.  

Still interested in becoming a Co-Creator? Please fill out this form: