Meditation for the Negative Mind

February begins a Focus on a New Body.  During January the focus was on the Soul Body, but in January we move to the Negative Mind.  Don’t be fooled by it’s name, the negative mind does have a positive aspect… it protects us.  It assesses danger and helps calculate risk based on previous experiences and information.  The goal is to not let the Negative Mind become OVER-protective.  To not see the risk and danger only in every sitution, but to balance that and be able to find the Neutral Solution.  This Medition is very simple and great for when the Negative Mind becomes over-active. At the end of the Meditation you will be suspending the breath out which effects the parasympathetic nervous system.  An over-active Negative Mind can always seem “On Alert”. Suspending on the exhale can lower the blood pressure, as well allowing your body and mind to relax.

This Meditation can be found in “The Mind”by Yogi Bhajan supported by Gurucharan S. Khalsa or by clicking below.  Sat Nam and Enjoy!  (And Don’t Forget to Tune In Before Starting)

Meditation for the Negative Mind

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