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We Have Over 20 Co-Creators sharing their gifts!

Meet Ashaleah and Jeff

“Hello everyone! Divine Wellness Community was born from the question of how to provide Conscious Connection during these unique times and has beautifully evolved into what you see today. Each Class and Workshop has been chosen to provide SUPPORT, GROWTH, and CONNECTION. Please let us know how we can continue to hold this vision. We know everybody has different paths and we’re excited to support each person on their own journey.” ~ Ashaleah

“Hi, I’m Jeff! If you knew me in 2016 or before, this may be the last thing you would expect me to be involved in! I stumbled into “spirituality” after identifying as atheist for several years, and I’m realizing more and more how vast and varied our conscious experience can be.

I’m handling the technology side of this community, so if you have any questions, issues, or comments, please email me:

I look forward to meeting you soon!” – Jeff